Quincy Johnson – 10/19/17

Quincy is a former over-the-road truck driver, now working in Atlanta. @QuincyLovesBBWS earned over 5K followers on Twitter after being featured on Michael D. Brown’s live talk show in Denver, CO.



It’s official! We out here.

The Borum Forum has been a longtime, ever-changing concept for a podcast. Now that I’ve finally setup my own website (however crude, bear with me) and own my own RSS feed, I will be publishing a podcast at least once a week.

I only set out with 2 Goals in mind for this project.

The first is that The Borum Forum will forever be a place for people to honestly discuss their beliefs, thoughts, stream of consciousness and expertise. We’ll be silly and satirical at times, and seriously thoughtful at others. We may edit but we will never censor.

The second is that The Borum Forum will give a voice to all types of people. It will be really fun and interesting to hear from other comics; discussing writing processes, performance woes, successes, etc. At the same time, I’m equally interested in learning from every-day experts on various sciences, studies, & professions. I want this to translate into multiple take-aways for each episode, with the idea being that everyone can afford to learn a new thing or two!

We’ll always try our best to be accurate and specific with information we’re sharing, and will never intentionally share anything that is not true. If/when we are factually incorrect, we’ll simply correct ourselves. If/when we’re offensive, enjoy it!


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