#TaxReformBill Passed! History Made! Reactions and Comments – 12/20/17

Today, Congress officially passed a version of tax reform, which will be delivered to the President yet this week for his approval! #TaxReform #TBF

From Jerusalem, With Love; Al Franken Resigns, & Roy Moore Vindicated! – 12/9/17

Jerusalem will become the newly recognized capitol city of Israel, and will host the US Embassy instead of Tel Aviv for the first time in over 70 years. Al Franken resigned from the US Senate. Roy Moore’s yearbook inscription is admittedly doctored, per accuser. #TBF


FBI Agent Fired! & TIME’s Person of the Year 2017 – 12/6/17

Who was Special Agent Peter Strzok, and why is he determined to undermine the law? Plus, TIME’s P.O.T.Y. breakdown and shortlist names too! #TBF

#TaxReform or #GOPTaxScam? Just The Facts, with Charlie Kolean on TBF! – 12/2/17 – Featured on Micgoat

Tax Reform is being called the GOP Tax Scam, and many are debating the reform bills without knowing what they propose. Charlie Kolean joins me to break it down. #TBF

Matt Lauer Fired! Clinton Email Whistle-blower Speaks Out, & “Low Ratings” Joe’s Intern’s Death – 11/29/17 – Featured on Micgoat!

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer was FIRED from NBC for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace! A Serial Rapist was released from Juvenile Detention without prison time! Joe Scarborough’s intern died under mysterious circumstances given his off-color jokes about killer her after having had sex with her. That and more! #TBF

Black Friday Insanity, Sexual Predator Update! Charlie Rose & Rep. John Conyers! Terrorist Attack Breakdown in Egyptian Mosque! – 11/25/17 – Featured on Micgoat!

Black Friday Shopper-Fights & The Resulting Insanity! Sexual Predator Update: Now Includes Charlie Rose & (D-MI) Rep. John Conyers! Plus, Terrorist Attack Breakdown in Egyptian Mosque! – #TBF


Net Neutrality, Media Mergers, & Ted ‘Killer’ Kennedy – 11/22/17

Net Neutrality could change Thanksgiving Day 2017: AT&T pushes forward with the Time Warner, Inc. merger; and, Was there a Killer Kennedy Cover-up? – #TBF

Allegation Update! More Accusations, Gloria Allred, Yearbook Withdrawn; Las Vegas Shooting & Saudi Prince Conspiracy – 11/18/17

All updates on current sexual misconduct/assault allegations against elite members of society. We discussed Gloria Allred’s statements on CNN, her withdrawal of the Roy Moore Forgery & Yearbook. A reading from the /r/conspiracy subreddit regarding the Las Vegas Shooting & Saudi Prince Arrests, Soros Put-Options & MGM CEO insider trading.

– #TBF

Cali. Shooting, Jeff Sessions Testimony, Justice Dept. Letter to Hon. Goodlatte, Juanita Broaddrick & Stranger Things 2!

Tonight we discussed Juanita Broaddrick, believed now by NYT writer Michelle Goldberg among others; I lay out my case for why Stranger Things 2 is an allegory for fighting the spread of Leftism (e.g. Islamism, Feminism, Radicalism); we discuss AG Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and we discuss potential for Special Prosecution into the #CorruptClintons; all this and more, on TBF!

Podesta Group, #Pedogate, Roy Moore, & John McCain – 11/11/17

Tony Podesta is talking! John Podesta is grounded! #Pedogate Revisited; Roy Moore #FakeNews vs. Accusations; John McCain – Hanoi Hero or Sellout Senator? – TBF

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