Congressional Candidate Edwin Duterte (CA43) & Historian J.M. Granger – Sponsored by @Micgoat – 1/15/18

Congressional Candidate Edwin Duterte called in to discuss his platform and plans for California’s 43rd District, & Jacquie Granger shared some perspective on Race in America. #TBF

CEO Patrick J. Slevin & Congressional Candidate Stephen Mackenzie! #TBF – Sponsored by @Micgoat – 1/12/18

Today I had the privilege of speaking with Patrick Slevin, former Mayor in Florida, now CEO of SL7 Consulting; Stephen Mackenzie is a Congressional Candidate in Indiana’s 6th District, Air Force Reserve member and local Indiana Business Owner — Sponsored by @Micgoat — #TBF


Ginuwine, “Pony! NOT Jackass!” – 1/10/18

Ginuwine didn’t hesitate to stand firm on his sexual identity and sexuality when aggressively grabbed and kissed at by transperson India Willoughby. #TBF

Clinton House Fire, Spectre, & Jake Tapper’s Destruction – 1/7/18

The Clinton’s had a house fire on Seth Rich’s birthday, Spectre is a backdoor bug that allows emails and texts previously thought to be destroyed, to be recovered, and Jake Tapper gets destroyed by Stephen Miller #TBF

#IllegalAlien Technology, Bob Lazar, & ETVs – 12/30/17

For the last show of 2017, I’ve been asked to discuss Bob Lazar and, yes, Alien vehicles that the USA government supposedly studies and copies at #Area51 — #TBF


Scandal Update: As Bad As Slavery? Plus, Homework Assignments! – 12/27/27

Professors and professionals are now comparing the wave of congressmen resigning in disgrace to those Southern Senators that resigned amidst the Civil War and the Confederate Secession. Plus, I dole out a hefty homework assignment for Saturday’s show; familiarize yourselves with a man named Bob Lazar. #TBF


81 Victories of Trump Administration, McCabe’s Testimony, & Investigation Conversation! – 12/23/17

Tonight I discussed Paul Bedard’s 81 Win’s from the Trump Administration, covered Joss Whedon and No-Need-To-Explain Headlines, and discussed Agent Andrew McCabe’s testimonies on capital hill this week. #TBF

#TaxReformBill Passed! History Made! Reactions and Comments – 12/20/17

Today, Congress officially passed a version of tax reform, which will be delivered to the President yet this week for his approval! #TaxReform #TBF

From Jerusalem, With Love; Al Franken Resigns, & Roy Moore Vindicated! – 12/9/17

Jerusalem will become the newly recognized capitol city of Israel, and will host the US Embassy instead of Tel Aviv for the first time in over 70 years. Al Franken resigned from the US Senate. Roy Moore’s yearbook inscription is admittedly doctored, per accuser. #TBF

FBI Agent Fired! & TIME’s Person of the Year 2017 – 12/6/17

Who was Special Agent Peter Strzok, and why is he determined to undermine the law? Plus, TIME’s P.O.T.Y. breakdown and shortlist names too! #TBF

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