Congressional Candidate Edwin Duterte (CA43) & Historian J.M. Granger – Sponsored by @Micgoat – 1/15/18

Congressional Candidate Edwin Duterte called in to discuss his platform and plans for California’s 43rd District, & Jacquie Granger shared some perspective on Race in America. #TBF

CEO Patrick J. Slevin & Congressional Candidate Stephen Mackenzie! #TBF – Sponsored by @Micgoat – 1/12/18

Today I had the privilege of speaking with Patrick Slevin, former Mayor in Florida, now CEO of SL7 Consulting; Stephen Mackenzie is a Congressional Candidate in Indiana’s 6th District, Air Force Reserve member and local Indiana Business Owner — Sponsored by @Micgoat — #TBF



Ginuwine, “Pony! NOT Jackass!” – 1/10/18

Ginuwine didn’t hesitate to stand firm on his sexual identity and sexuality when aggressively grabbed and kissed at by transperson India Willoughby. #TBF

Clinton House Fire, Spectre, & Jake Tapper’s Destruction – 1/7/18

The Clinton’s had a house fire on Seth Rich’s birthday, Spectre is a backdoor bug that allows emails and texts previously thought to be destroyed, to be recovered, and Jake Tapper gets destroyed by Stephen Miller #TBF

#IllegalAlien Technology, Bob Lazar, & ETVs – 12/30/17

For the last show of 2017, I’ve been asked to discuss Bob Lazar and, yes, Alien vehicles that the USA government supposedly studies and copies at #Area51 — #TBF


Scandal Update: As Bad As Slavery? Plus, Homework Assignments! – 12/27/27

Professors and professionals are now comparing the wave of congressmen resigning in disgrace to those Southern Senators that resigned amidst the Civil War and the Confederate Secession. Plus, I dole out a hefty homework assignment for Saturday’s show; familiarize yourselves with a man named Bob Lazar. #TBF


81 Victories of Trump Administration, McCabe’s Testimony, & Investigation Conversation! – 12/23/17

Tonight I discussed Paul Bedard’s 81 Win’s from the Trump Administration, covered Joss Whedon and No-Need-To-Explain Headlines, and discussed Agent Andrew McCabe’s testimonies on capital hill this week. #TBF

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